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Today I’m going to post the recipe which most certainly will make all us post-soviets shiver. With disguist or with nostalgia, it’s up to you, but omg you can not find the place which had anything to do with food and where this dish would be unknown. Yozhiki along with kotleti were the pillars of soviet cuisine. Why? It has something to do with meat, it’s cheap, and it’s easy to make. Prepare to get disappointed, sophisticated young reader — yozhiki (hedgehogs) are just meatballs with rice.

Here they are:



Anyway, if you decided to surprise your ex-soviet friend, you might want to cook “lightened” (health talking) version of yozhiki, and you will need the following:

  1. Minced meat — 1/2 kg. Whichever actually, even minced chicken would be nice, but classic option is pork + beef.
  2. 1 medium carrot.
  3. 1 medium onion.
  4. Boiled rice — 200 g. Once again, whichever you want, tho starchy sorts would be preferred.
  5. 0,5 l of beef broth.
  6. Salt, pepper, herbs to taste.
  7. Pot.

As simple as ABC:

  1. Grate onion and carrot or chop them finely, the finer the better.
  2. Mix minced meat, grated onion, carrot and rice, add salt, pepper and herbs.
  3. Form the meatballs, for that you might need to waste some of your precious time — the “lightened” version of yozhiki doesnt contain eggs, and texture of…. uhmmmm… the mass should be tender and smooth to keep the balls together. Meanwhile bring the broth to boil.
  4. Put meatballs in the boiling broth, let it boil for 1-2-3 minutes, then lower the heat to leave the broth simmering. Cook until ready (it’s really hard to miss that point).
  5. Enjoy…

As you see, it’s hard to spoil this recipe.  You can even try to sophisticate it, pine nuts and some tomato sauce, for example, work well.

Nobody I persuaded to try yozhiki didn’t really understand — what’s about it? Probably for that you need to share the miraculous experience of eating out in soviet mensas…